Indoctrination of Emptiness

I worked sporadically over the last 7 months on a recording project with Voidcraeft. The tracks which I wrote and recorded parts for are “The Oceans of Alantropia”, “Humiliation of Reason and Distortion of Soul”, “Rescind”, “The River”, “Swale”, “A Clearing”, and “A Prison”.

With the exception of “A Clearing”, the lyrics on each of the tracks combines exactly two narrative threads. It couples a dream that I had, with something I experienced during a wakeful state of consciousness.

Each track is comprised of two guitar parts, bass guitar, drums, and (with the exception of “The River” and “A Prison”) vocals. I tried to preserve impulses during the writing process, and the recording was largely done in single takes. After recording the guitar and bass takes, I sent them along with lyrics to Voidcraeft. I purposely left out instructions for how the drums and vocals were to be performed.

For the ambient sections, I revisited the methods used in producing Peristalith’s Drones II.

Voidcraeft - Indoctrination of Emptiness

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